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Air Lift  ® Auxiliary Air Helper Springs

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Air Lift kits use air helper springs to provide additional support for your suspension to enable you to carry or handle more weight without vehicle sag or sway.  These air bag overload kits are air adjustable so that you can get the suspension support to balance ride support and ride comfort.  The air lift kits can be used on cars, light trucks, vans, and RV motorhomes.  Truck air bags are an excellent suspension solution for towing, snow plows, and campers.



Air Lift 1000 Coil Air Bag Kit 

Airlift Kit 1000 Coil (60000 & 80000 Series)

· Air adjustable air lift springs fit open coil springs on all vehicles, front or rear
· Up to 1000 lbs. of load leveling capability
· The #1 choice for passenger car heavy load assist
· Excellent front end support for snow plows, 
  winches, etc.

Replaces front OEM air springs on P30/3500 chassis



Airlift Kit RC (59000 Series)

· Applications for air springs to be added to front and rear leaf spring 
· Up to 2500 lbs. Of load leveling capability
· Designed for full-size and mini pickups and vans 
· Economical choice for upgrading today's softer 
  OEM suspensions
Excellent choice for variable loads or towing support


Airlift Kit Super Duty (57000 Series)

• Fits many ¾ ton and 1 ton pickups, vans and motor homes with leaf springs

• Up to 5,000 pounds of leveling capacity* and air adjustable from 5 to 100 psi


Single Gauge               Dual Guage

Standard On Board Compressor System for Air Lift air bag overload Kits

Each Air Lift Compressor kit is complete with a 12-volt compressor, gauge dash panel with inflate and deflate controls, all electrical connections, air lines, fittings, low pressure sensor, and a detailed, illustrated installation manual.

Single Gauge               Dual Guage

Heavy Duty On Board Compressor System

Air Lift Heavy Duty compressor systems are designed for heavy and/or frequent users, which includes all motorhome rear applications. Heavy Duty Compressors offer twice the flow of the standard duty compressor system, meaning that the bags fill in half the time!

bullet Designed for heavy duty applications, such as motorhomes, towing fifth wheels, hauling heavy loads, and commercial use.
bullet Ideal for Class A and C motorhomes.

For maximum convenience and leveling "on-the-go," nothing beats an Air Lift On Board Air System! Now it's easy to adjust your vehicle for changes in load or road conditions and you're sure your air springs have adequate air. Each system comes complete with compressor, gauges (except for new "no gauge" systems!), wiring, connections, everything you need.


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We offer Air Lift air springs and Airlift Compressors.  These Air Bag overload kits are air adjustable and prevent the front or rear end from sagging.
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