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Ridewell Lift Axles or Liftable Suspensions

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Ridewell Suspensions

Liftable Suspensions Ridewell offers a complete line of Liftable Suspensions to meet your every need. Choose from self-steer and non-steer designs.


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Ridewell RCA-215 Flex-MountTM    22,500 lb capacity

New, more efficient design increases strength and reduces weight!Ridewell 20K

-10.25″ total travel, up to 7″ of lift
-Durable & lightweight FiberTech bushing
-Secure axle connection without U-bolts
-Axle alignment – 3/8″ at each hanger
-Accepts axle drop up to 8″
-Wide beam spacing reduces axle stresses
-Easily adjusts to various frame widths & ride heights


6060047   20K 6″ Drop Center Pusher, 10 hole hub-piloted

6060048   20K 8″ Drop Center Pusher, 10 hole hub-piloted

6060067   Straight Axle Tag, 10 hole hub-piloted


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RUL 245 “Bantamweight”  13,200 non-steerable

For 5″ round axles, straight or drop


2150010   13.2K Pusher Axle

2150015   13.2K Tag Axle





RSS-232 Steerable Lift Axles

Ridewell’s Lightweight Auxiliary Axle Suspension System

RSS-232-13K Flex-Trac

  • All steel construction
  • Easily adjusts to various frame widths & ride heights
  • 30 degree wheel cut – Best in Class

2328010    8K Steerable

2320015     13.2K 11.5″-15″ Ride Ht. 10 Hole hub-piloted

2320020    20K  10 Hole hub-piloted





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