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Mack Suspensions


Mack Eagles and Mack Trunnion stands



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  • Durable -heat treated alloy steel
  • Mounts from underneath rather than from the end of the frame at the rear of the truck
  • Far less time and easier to install
  • No disassemble of the chassis, body components, air/hydraulic components or wire harnesses
  • Complete with mounting hardware
  • We ship this everywhere with great results and excellent customer satisfaction
Description Reference OEM Number Part Number
Trapezoidal Hole Pattern/ Bronze Style Trunnion 97QL585, 97QL5122, 97QL555AP4 62-1A
Square Hole Pattern/ Bronze Style Trunnion 97QL5119M, 97QL586M 06520G
Trapezoidal Hole Pattern/ Rubber Style Trunnion 97OL555ZAP2, 97QL588, 06540G
Square Hole Pattern/ Rubber Style Trunnion 97QL5124M 06560G


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Mack Leaf Springs

Mack Camelback Springs    MADE IN THE USA BY DAYTON PARTS

62-147  4QK4005 (4″ Wide, 10 Leaf, 44K, 50″Axle Spacing)

62-1287  4QK4108 (4″ Wide, 9 Leaf, 50K, 55″ Axle Spacing)

62-143  4QK4004 (4″ Wide, 11 Leaf, 44K, 55″ Axle Spacing)

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Mack Camelback Suspension Parts

See Full Line of Suspension Parts on Mack front and rear suspensions

U-bolt Kits  2 U-bolts 4 Nuts & Washers

361-118 7QK3148P5 18-7/8″ U-bolts

361-116 7QK3148P4 17-7/8″ U-bolts




Insulator Boxes for Mack Suspensions

338-746 6-3/4″ Deep   52QK418BP4

338-728 6-3/8″ Deep  52QK418BP5


334-580  3-1/2″ Bronze Maintenance Pack with bushings

334-580A  3-1/2″ Bronze Maintenance Pack without bushings

334-468 3-1/2″ Trunnion Cap



338-702 Brass w/bushing for 3-1/2″ Bar and 4″ W Spring  39QK27F

338-1845 4″ Bar and 4″ W Spring  39QK325

Aftermarket Mack  Insulator Pads and Side Blocks



325-110 10QK36B Bottom Pad

325-112 10QK365A Top Pad

325-113  10QK370 Top Pad

338-729  13QK246 Spacer




Mack Truck Parts Urethane load pads

Longer lasting and less replacement cost over the life of the truck

325-123  10QK388 Urethane Replacement for 10QK36B

325-112U 10QK365A Urethane Top Pad

325-113U 10QK370 Urethane Top Pad


We also carry steel chrome bumpers for your Mack truck.  Please check out our bumpers on this page:  MACK BUMPERS


Please call for other Mack aftermarket suspension parts that are not listed.
We also carry other parts such as Tie Rod Ends, King Pin
Sets, Drag Links, Air Springs, seals, and washers for Mack Trucks.

We also offer a complete line of Mack camelback springs, front springs, and
single axle rear springs made by Dayton Parts.  These springs can be shipped out by truck with
pins, U-bolts, and other miscellaneous suspension components.  We offer
local delivery in Northeast Pennsylvania.