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Axle U bolts can be shipped anywhere by UPS


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Leaf Spring and Suspension U-Bolts

Order U-bolt kits online.  Each U-bolt kit has two U-bolts with nuts and washers.  We also make custom U-bolts (small and large orders).  

To order online kits, click the type of U-bolt that you need. Find the U-bolt kit based on dimensionsUse our U-bolt Inquire Form to find out pricing of U-bolt sizes not listed in our standard kits.  We also provide discount on large order U-bolt orders (bulk pricing)  --> enter you information in the U-bolt form to get pricing.

suspensio round u-bolts  truck square suspension u bolts  semi-round u-bolts   custom u bolts and forged top round U-bolts  custom u bolts and Forged Top Square U-bolts  Semi-Round Forged Top U-bolt

Complete Leaf Spring U bolt kits that include two U bolts with deep nuts and hard washers.  Click U-bolt type that you require to go to further detail.  If you don't see a U bolt that meets your specifications in our catalog, please use our inquire form.   We can also make custom suspension U bolts based on the dimensions that you need.  These custom axle u-bolts can be shipped anywhere by UPS. 

U-bolts 9/16" diameter and less are made from 1541 Grade 5 Material.  Ubolts 5/8" diameter and greater are made from Grade 8 material.  U-bolts have a sufficient amount of rolled threads on each leg.

We can also make most suspension u-bolts to your specifications and ship them out the same day.  Please let us know the dimensions (as shown below), the type of bend, and the application.  We can give you a price including shipping. 

Custom or Quantity U-Bolt Price Request Form


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