Tire Pressure Monitors

Tire Pressure and Temperature Maintenance System

See the tire pressure and tire temperature in all your tires from your cab or inside your motorhome!

Monitor tire pressure and temperature to avoid tire blowouts caused by driver being un-notified of issues. Maximize safety to avoid dangerous road-side emergencies and the safety of those sharing the road with the driver. Save money by minimizing fuel consumption and road side service calls.

Compatible with the Cat Eye Dual Tire Pressure Equalization Kits!

TireView Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System:

  • Solution for Trucks, Tractors and Trailers
  • Identifies Problematic Tire Location
  • Provides Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring
  • Ability to Customize Warnings
  • Monitors up to 115 tires and 4 trailers, including spares
  • Adaptable to Any Brand of Trailer ATIS
  • Makes Pre-trip Tire Inspections Easy and Accurate
  • Data Recording for Analytics when combined with Telematics
  • Audible, visual and textual alerts on display

TireView™ TPMS Cap Sensor Kit
Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System

TireView™ TPMS Internal Sensor Kit