Cat Eye Tire Pressure System

Cat’s Eye Tire Pressure Maintenance System

SAVE GAS!   Easily see low tire pressure your dual tire!  Complete Dual Tire Pressure Equalization Systems shipped directly to you.  Great for Motorhome, Pickup, Semi Tractor and Semi Trailer Dual Tires.

LinkCa2With just a glance, dual tire pressures can be checked on efficient walk-arounds with the Cat’s Eye tire pressure inflation system.  This dual tire pressure equalization system works well to reduce tire wear and save fuel costs.

The Cat’s Eye makes it easy to see if your tires are underinflated. This system attaches to the dual’s hub or lug bolt and allows air transfer from one tire to the other. Its single airing point fills both tires at once, making the job quick, clean and easy. With just a glance, you’ll instantly see changes in tire pressure.

The bright yellow “eye” of the Cat’s Eye, opens up slightly if dual tire pressure falls 10-15% below the recommended pressure setting. If corrective action is not taken, the “eye” will open up completely, activating the internal check valve. The internal check valve will prevent the good tire from going flat in the case of a tire blowout or a broken pressure hose.

Cat’s Eye is available with rubber or stainless steel hoses in lengths of 12(17.5 tires or less and Super Single Tires), 14″ (19.5 tires) or standard 16″ (22.5 and 24.5 tires).

Are you willing to bet your profits that your inside duals are not under inflated? Underinflation is the single most costly element of tire maintenance. Even small pressure losses are not only costly–they can prove dangerous, playing havoc with schedules, profits, and safety.  Underinflated tires cause unnecessary heat to prematurely damage tire casings, eat away tire tread and increase rolling resistance. The penalty is high–higher fuel bills, less miles per tire, inability to retread casing and sometimes missed deadlines.  As costly as that is, most drivers are not prepared to baby sit the pressure in those tires. It is a dirty, time consuming task. Drivers need a reliable way to be aware of low tire pressures in a cost effective manner.

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How do they work?

Cat’s Eye tire monitor makes it easy to see if your dual tires are under inflated. This system attaches to the dual’s hub or lug bolt and allows air transfer from one tire to the other. Its single airing point fills both tires at once, making the job quick, clean and easy. With just a glance, you’ll instantly see changes in tire pressure. When the “eye” is completely closed, the tires are within 2% of recommended pressure and are equalized   As the “eye” begins to open, the pressure has dropped 5-6%, a sign of a slow leak.  When the “eye” is completely open, the pressure has dropped 10% under the recommended pressure and needs immediate attention. At this point, the internal check valve is activated, isolating the good tire from additional pressure loss.  The Cat’s Eye internal check valve prevents both tires from going flat in the event one tire develops a leak, blows out or when one of the pressure.

Simple Steps to Install

Installing the gauge is a quick and easy process. The new seal will stand up to sharp valve stem edges and repeated installations. Cat’s Eye comes with wheel and hub mounting brackets Position valve stems 180° across from each other

Make sure they are clean and in good operating condition.  Attach the Cat’s Eye gauge to the wheel or hub with the appropriate mounting bracket Finger tighten hose ends, inside tire first, until you hear the seals take hold.

Give each fitting an extra 1/2 turn to ensure a tight seal. Then bubble test. (See the complete installation instructions when installing Cat’s Eye.)

Advantage of Equalized Tire Pressure – If the pressure in your duals is not the same, the diameter of the tires will not be equal. Since duals are bolted together, the smaller tire is going to be dragged by the larger tire.

Case Study by Bridgestone:

When the inside tire has a mere 5 psi less than the outer tire:


1. The diameter of the inner tire is 5/16” less than the outer tire.

2. With a 5/16” difference in diameters, the outer tire will cause the inner tire to drag 13′ per mile.

3. In just 35,000 miles, the tread of the smaller tire will have been scuffed off for 86 miles.

4. The added resistance makes BOTH tires wear faster.  If the pressure difference is greater, so is the damage. The easiest way to insure that both tires are equal size, is to equalize the pressure.

Tire manufacturers estimate a loss of $177 per year due to treadwear and fuel costs for each tire running 30% underinflated.

The Cat’s Eye (tire pressure maintenance system) is available in packages of 2 or 4, rubber or stainless steel hoses and in 12″, 14″ and 16″ lengths.  Click part number to order online.  Note – will not work with wheel simulators.

16″ Hoses – used normally on 22.5 and 24.5 tires

14″ Hoses – used normally on 19.5 tires

12″ Hoses – used normally on 17.5 dual tires  or Super Single Tires



PSIHose Length/Tire SizeRubber Hoses    
2 Unit  Bubble Pack
Stainless Steel Hoses 
2 Unit Bubble Pack
Rubber Hoses    
4 Unit Box
Stainless Steel Hoses
4 Unit Box
6016"-22.5/24.5 6060AA00 6060AB00 6060BA00 6060BB00
6516"-22.5/24.5 6065AA00 6065AB00 6065BA00 6065BB00
7016"-22.5/24.5  6070AA00 6070AB00 6070BA00 6070BB00
7516"-22.5/24.5 6075AA00 6075AB00 6075BA00 6075BB00
8016"-22.5/24.5 6080AA00 6080AB00 6080BA00 6080BB00
8516"-22.5/24.5   6085AA00 6085AB00 6085BA00 6085BB00
9016"-22.5/24.5 6090AA00 6090AB00 6090BA00 6090BB00
9516"-22.5/24.5 6095AA00 6095AB00 6095BA00 6095BB00
10016"-22.5/24.5  6100AA00 6100AB00 6100BA00 6100BB00
10516"-22.5/24.5   6105AA00 6105AB00 6105BA00 6105BB00
11016"-22.5/24.5 6110AA00 6110AB00 6110BA00 6110BB00
11516"-22.5/24.5 6115AA00 6115AB00 6115BA00 6115BB00
12016"-22.5/24.5 6120AA00 6120AB00 6120BA00 6120BB00
12516"-22.5/24.5  6125AA00 6125AB00 6125BA00 6125BB00
6014"-19.5 Duals6060AE006060AG006060BE006060BG00
6514"-19.5 Duals6065AE006065AG006065BE006065BG00
7014"-19.5 Duals6070AE006070AG006070BE006070BG00
7514"-19.5 Duals6075AE006075AG006075BE006075BG00
8014"-19.5 Duals6080AE006080AG006080BE006080BG00
8514"-19.5 Duals6085AE006085AG006085BE006085BG00
9014"-19.5 Duals6090AE006090AG006090BE006090BG00
9514"-19.5 Duals6095AE006095AG006095BE006095BG00
10014"-19.5 Duals6100AE006100AG006100BE006100BG00
10514"-19.5 Duals6105AE006105AG006105BE006105BG00
11014"-19.5 Duals6110AE006110AG006110BE006110BG00
11514"-19.5 Duals6115AE006115AG006115BE006115BG00
12014"-19.5 Duals6120AE006120AG006120BE006120BG00
12514"-19.5 Duals6125AE006125AG006125BE006125BG00
6012"-17.5 Duals 6060AF006060AH006060BF006060BH00
6512"-17.5 Duals6065AF006065AH006065BF006065BH00
7012"-17.5 Duals6070AF006070AH006070BF006070BH00
7512"-17.5 Duals6075AF006075AH006075BF006075BH00
8012"-17.5 Duals6080AF006080AH006080BF006080BH00
8512"-17.5 Duals6085AF006085AH006085BF006085BH00
9012"-17.5 Duals6090AF006090AH006090BF006090BH00
9512"-17.5 Duals6095AF006095AH006095BF006095BH00
10012"-17.5 Duals6100AF006100AH006100BF006100BH00
10512"-17.5 Duals6105AF006105AH006105BF006105BH00
11012"-17.5 Duals6110AF006110AH006110BF006110BH00
11512"-17.5 Duals6115AF006115AH006115BF006115BH00
12012"-17.5 Duals6120AF006120AH006120BF006120BH00
12512"-17.5 Duals6125AF006125AH006125BF006125BH00
6012" - Super Single 6060AC00 6060AJ006060BC006060BJ00
6512" - Super Single 6065AC006065AJ006065BC006065BJ00
7012" - Super Single 6070AC006070AJ006070BC006070BJ00
7512" - Super Single 6075AC006075AJ006075BC006075BJ00
8012" - Super Single 6080AC006080AJ006080BC006080BJ00
8512" - Super Single 6085AC006085AJ006085BC006085BJ00
9012" - Super Single 6090AC006090AJ006090BC006090BJ00
9512" - Super Single 6095AC006095AJ006095BC006095BJ00
10012" - Super Single 6100AC006100AJ006100BC006100BJ00
10512" - Super Single 6105AC006105AJ006105BC006105BJ00
11012" - Super Single 6110AC006110AJ006110BC006110BJ00
11512" - Super Single 6115AC006115AJ006115BC006115BJ00
12012" - Super Single 6120AC006120AJ006120BC006120BJ00
12512" - Super Single 6125AC006125AJ006125BC006125BJ00