Square Bend U-bolts

Square Bend Leaf Spring Ubolts


These U-bolt kits can be shipped anywhere in the United States by UPS.

Square bend U-bolts that include deep nuts and washers. Click Ubolt part numbers to find out pricing, shipping costs, and to order online.

U-bolt Torque Requirements                    U-bolt Diameter Determination

square top u-bolts
Note – 361-XXX part numbers are U-bolt Kits that include two U-bolts, 4 deep washers, and 4 hardened washers. 5U-XXXXR and 8U-XXXR part numbers are individual U-bolts with nuts and washers included (i.e. one U-bolts, 2 deep nuts, and 2 hardened washers).

Square U-bolts (Click Part Number to Order Online)