Alignment Fundamentals

Alignment Fundamentals  

Please us our Contact Form to inquire about rear and front end alignment shims and parts.  You can also give us a call on our toll-free number during our business hours.  We have a wide range of parts and shims that will correct your alignment problems.

Front End Alignment Toe adjust toe in to reduce tire wear and avoid vehicle wander

front end alignment                      

Typical Correction: Adjust length between tie rod ends or replace parts as needed    

excessive toe out

Feathered Going Outward

excessive toe in

Feathered Going Inward


Front End Alignment Camberadjusted to reduce tire wear

Inside Tire Wear

Outside Tire Wear

 Typical Correction: Shims, bend axle, or adjust with proper equipment   


Front End Alignment Caster adjusted to correct vehicle handling issues

front end alignment caster

Typical Correction: Shim both sides or bend axle   


King Pin Inclination – checked to determine if a spindle or axle is bent


Rear Axle Tracking adjusted to ensure all rear axles are traveling 90 degrees to the center of the frame

rear axle tracking for heavy trucks and trailers


Bottom Line – Correct vehicle alignment saves money on tire cost (more than 30% increase in tire mileage) and even fuel costs (up to 2%).