Timbren Helper Kits

Timbren Suspension Helper Kits

Timbren Suspension Helper KitGet Ride Quality and Added Spring Capacity!

Your Pickup, Van, or SUV should have a great ride empty or loaded.

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Add more support and stability to your suspension with these Timbren helper spring kits.  These kits allow you to tow or carry heavy loads without vehicle sag or sway.  They are easy to install and maintenance free.  Many install in place of the existing OEM bump stops.  Order your Timbren helper kit to reduce sway, reduce suspension sag, reduce body roll, and improve the rough ride with your vehicle.

  • Ideal for carrying heavy loads
  • Eliminate Suspension Sag
  • Reduce Trailer sway
  • Optimize Load Handling
  • Cushion Road Shocks
  •  Improve Roll stability
  •  Improve Ride Comfort
  • Our Front and Rear Suspension Kits perform
  • Light, durable suspension; smooth ride
  •  Easy Installation
  •  Lifetime Warranty
  •  Satisfaction Guarantee

Find the specific front and rear Timbren helper kits for your vehicle with this

Timbren Application Guide

Find a Suspension Enhancement System kit that fits your Truck, Van, SUV, or Jeep. Timbren Industries Inc.

By clicking the application guide, you can find the pricing and the capacity of the Timbren overload springs for your vehicle.  You can conveniently order online with confidence on our secure site.


Timbren Ride Control products enhance a vehicle’s empty ride quality, while providing protection against overloading, road shock, bottoming out, sway and broken springs.  Front axle kits prevent front end nose diving. Together, these features provide a smooth, level ride, even with heavy loads.Today’s on and off road vehicles are well engineered with fine suspensions, built to do the job for which they were designed.  However, many vehicles are overloaded, or drivers find themselves on bad roads or operating under unusual conditions where the suspension needs help.  Aeon Hollow Rubber Helper Springs were designed to meet these needs.  Timbren ride control springs and suspension kits help to eliminate sway and bottoming out, get rid of axle hop, and give an even, level, stable ride, both while  loaded and unloaded.  Timbren helper kits are simple to install and require no alteration to your present suspension.