Motorhome Timbren Suspension Kits

Timbren Overload Helper Springs for Motorhomes 

Your motorhome was designed to give you the best possible ride under ideal road and load conditions. For loads or less than ideal load conditions you can count on Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems to provide you with the best possible solutions. Remember the last time you were driving ‘white knuckled’ through the mountains, wondering if your RV and tow vehicle were going to make it through the next hairpin turn? Rest easy with the Timbren suspension enhancement system on your vehicle.  Not only will this product improve roll stability and reduce sway on top heavy loads, it will also improve vehicle dynamics and high speed maneuverability without comprising ride quality. Timbren’s suspension enhancement system provides peace of mind for users of vans, pickups, SUV’s, Class A, B, C recreational vehicles. With its
lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee you can truly purchase the Timbren suspension enhancement system risk free.

Prevent RV Trailer SwayMotorhome / Trailer Sway – Eliminate wallowing along the highway, drifting in crosswinds or when passing heavy trucks. For more driver and passenger comfort Timbren suspension enhancement systems sense vehicle body movement and automatically increase roll stability.

Prevent RV Suspension Sag
Suspension Sag – Heavy loads cause the front or rear suspensions to deflect lower than is desired. Powerful, durable hollow rubber cushions help carry the heaviest loads with ease. Road shock is absorbed, reducing wear and tear on suspensions. Bottoming out on bumps is eliminated.

Prevent RV Body Roll
Body Roll – If your vehicle leans on corners or curves Timbren progressive rate suspension kits can improve weight distribution to all 4 corners of the vehicle. This helps to keep the vehicle level, improves steering, and reduces brake and tire wear.

Improved Ride Quality
Rough Ride – You feel every bump in the road and every expansion joint. Rubber cushions in each Timbren kits are designed to soak up road shock and bumps. The result is a smooth, stable rubber cushion ride.