Raydan Air Ride Suspension

Raydan Air Ride Suspension

Raydan’s Air Link is a unique combination of air ride and walking beam, and delivers everything you demand in a heavy duty suspension: high roll stability, less maintenance, and a smooth ride. The Raydan suspension (Air Link™) has proven to lower operating and maintenance costs, lessen damage to chassis and mounted equipment, diminish vibrations, lengthen tire life, extend suspension and bushing life, and reduce downtime. 

Raydan’s Air Link is the only air ride capable of providing the three most wanted benefits of a severe service suspension: high roll stability, an exceptionally smooth ride, and low maintenance.


Designed for all highway, server service and off-road trucks!

Raydan air bag suspension

Raydan suspension of a Henrickson suspension

                           Sterling Dump Truck converted from a Hendrickson Leaf Suspension to a Raydan Suspension (Air Link).


  BEFORE                                                            AFTER

(Hendrickson Leaf Spring 46K lb Suspension)        (Raydan 52K lb Air Bag Suspension)


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