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Monroe Shock Absorbers – Monroe Shocks for Trucks, Tractors, Trailers and RV Motorhomes

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1- Find the Monroe shocks for your vehicle by using this complete application guide on Monroe’s web site:

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Shock Replacement

Replace Shock absorbers when there is evidence of:

Ride Deterioration     Sagging Taper Leaf Springs     Excess Vibration     Broken or Torn Air Springs    Premature wear on cab, electrical, and cooling components     Uneven Tire Wear

Measuring Length

Note A: Compressed and extended lengths are measured from the center of loops and/or from the stem shoulder.

Note B: When measuring from the brackets on a vehicle, allow 5/8″ for standard stem end and 7/8″ for each large stem end.


Direct UPS shipping available for most Monroe shocks anywhere!

We also offer High Quality Gas Magnum Shocks for Heavy Duty Trucks at great prices.  Enter the OEM number in the box above.

Offering Gas Magnum® Truck Shock Absorbers

Special Monroe RV Shocks (Gas Magnum) available for most motorhomes!  Help improve your vacation trip.

RV ShocksMonroe® Gas Magnum® truck or RV shocks are designed for mid to full size, hard working pick-up trucks and vans. These units provide firm control without a harsh ride. With up to twice the fluid capacity of standard 1″ bore shocks, Monroe Gas Magnum truck shocks work more efficiently with less effort

  1. All Weather Fluid: Contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction.
  2. Full Displaced Valving: Better valving range on both the compression and extension cycles of the unit for a smooth comfortable ride.
  3. Sintered Iron Piston: Stronger than traditional metals, enhances durability for longer service life.
  4. Nitrogen Gas Charged: For improved ride and handling, helps maintain tire to road contact by reducing aeration.
  5. 2″ Reserve Tube: More fluid for more consistent performance.
  6. 1-3/8″ Bore: Lower operating pressure than standard 1″ bore units.
  7. 5/8″ Piston Rod: Heavy-duty nitrocarburized rod* for long service life.
  8. Special Seal: “Self-lubricating” fluid seal designed to retain gas without excessive wear or friction.* On non-dust shield units only.


Monroe Shocks Reflex

Offering Monroe Reflex® Shocks    


Maximum safety through greater stability and control without sacrificing comfort.
Reflex RV ShocksFor all vehicles, especially those with high centers of gravity such as mini-vans, SUVs and light trucks, Monroe Reflex® shocks and struts enhance stability by reducing body roll rate in evasive maneuvers and tight turns, and minimizing brake dive during sudden stops. For passenger cars, Reflex shocks and struts keep the tires on the road through curves and rough terrain, providing greater control.