Hendrickson Lift Axles

Hendrickson Lift Axles

Complete Liftable systems shipped directly to your door step.

For the following applications: (click application for more detail)

  Model Part # Capacity (lbs) Ride Height (in) Frame Width (in) Weight
Wheel End
STEERABLE EXS08 EXS08.4 8,000 12.5-14.5 33.5-34.5 799lbs
6-Stud Hub Pilot
  EXS10 EXS10.5 10,000 12.5-14.5 33.5-34.5 872lbs
8-Stud Hub Pilot
  EXS13 EXS13.11 13,500 10.5-12.5 33.5-34.5 926lbs
10-Stud Hub Pilot
  EXS13 EXS13.12 13,500 12.5-14.5 33.5-34.5 926lbs
10-Stud Hub Pilot
  SCT20 SCT20C64XBAH3X 20,000 10.5-12.5 33.5-34.5 1,470lbs
10-Stud Hub Pilot
FIXED AXLE FMT20 FMT20AXA49AX6XX 20,000 9-11 Not Welded 1,125lbs
10-Stud Hub Pilot
  FMT20 FMT20BXA49AX6XX 20,000 11-13 Not Welded 1,125lbs
10-Stud Hub Pilot


Part # Mount Location Feature
LC-SSI Inside for steerable suspesions
LC-NSI Inside for non-steerable suspensions
LC-UCO Outside Composite Box
LC-USO Outside Steel Box

  • Compact size reduces amount of space required to mount controls
  • Fewer fittings reduce system leak potential
  • Higher airflow delivers better response when air controls are activated
  • Color-coded connections provide easy identification and reduce installation time
  • Inside-the-cab, outside-the-cab and separated models available

COMPOSILITE EXS08 – Next Generation 8K Steerable Lift Axle

Capacities: up to 8,000 pounds
Weight: 675 pounds
Travel: 13 inches
Lift: 10 inches
Wheel Cut: 31 degrees
Packaging Space: 22.1 inches

325 × 100 mm metric brake 6-hole H&D’s for 17.5-inch wheel

COMPOSILITE EXS10 – Next Generation 10K Steerable Lift Axle

pacities: up to 10,000 pounds
Weight: 675 pounds
Travel: 13 inches
Lift: 10 inches
Wheel Cut: 31 degrees
Packaging Space: 22.1 inches

325 × 100 mm metric brake 8-hole H&D’s for 19.5-inch wheel


COMPOSILITE EXS13 – Next Generation 13K Steerable Lift Axle


COMPOSILITE EXS TRUCK is Hendrickson’s innovative next generation of steerable lift-axle suspension systems engineered for enhanced durability and performance. Several technological advancements enabled Hendrickson to take this concept from theory to the road. Inset lower beams help to optimize lateral stiffness and to eliminate the need for V-rods. Zero-torsion rubber bushings provide increased service life and lower cost of ownership with reduced down-time. The patented STEERTEK axle technology increases structural durability and incorporates bolt-on axle seats for easier serviceability and re-configuration, thereby lowering the cost of ownership. In addition, the more robust COMPOSILITE EXS has a stellar 7-year structural warranty.

Capacity: 13,500 pounds
Weight: 796 pounds
Travel: 13 inches
Lift: 10 inches
Wheel Cut: 31 degrees
Packaging Space: 22.1 inches



Capacity: up to 20,000 pounds
Weight: 1,340 pounds
Travel: 12 inches
Lift: 9 inches
Wheel Cut: 25 degrees
Packaging Space: 26.5 inches


Capacity: up to 25,000 pounds
Weight: 1,125 pounds
Travel: 9.5 inches
L i f t : 6.5 inches
Axle Type: 5-inch round
Packaging Space: 26 inches


VALUE-ADDED OPTIONS – Hendrickson offers a variety of value-added options to help increase productivity for the end user operating a lift axle.

PRE-WELDED Fixed-axle suspensions can be pre-welded to your required frame width

New Options Dust covers and ABS ready brake systems are now available as additional value-added options

LOCK STRAIGHT – Locks suspension straight when vehicle is placed in reverse


Pre-plumbed Integrated air system reduces installation time through pre-located air tank, hoses and valves